Based on proprietary patent-pending millimeter waves processing algorithms, Mantissa’s miniaturized sensors have the capability of dividing the scene to thousands of parametric tiny cells, each of which is analyzed to detect for moving patterns. Mantissa’s highly reliable smart sensors provide unparalleled performance for surveillance during day or night, in any weather or visibility conditions, at a cost which is a fraction of legacy technologies.   The advantages of the sensors are:

  • Cost effectiveness – enables easy deployment of multiple units for long lines of coverage and total elimination of blind zones
  • Minimal False Alarms - the sensors overcome weather problems, has a learning mechanism, and are not sensitive to optics vulnerabilities
  • RMD technology - the sensors can work as accurate motion detectors, sensitive only to physical objects, and  can be used as event triggers for complementary imaging sensors
  • Reduced Power - reduction of total deployment and operational costs
  • No moving parts - Reduced maintenance with increased reliability
  • Classified Detection - threat identification capability which provides crucial target information and minimizes unnecessary security response
  • Mobility - the sensor is easily installable due to its miniature dimensions, and is ideal for ad-hoc network establishment